5 Reasons to Book a Photo Booth for your Wedding

January 24, 2024

So much thought, detail, and planning goes into creating a couple’s special day. However, one detail that can sometimes be left out at a wedding is the entertainment factor. Today I am going to share with you 5 reasons why a Photo Booth is the perfect entertainment choice for a wedding!

Super Fun!

While the wedding party is off taking pictures, why not leave the guests with something entertaining and fun to occupy themselves with. Our photo booth has so many great options as you get to pick from colour, black & white, fun borders, or hat and hairstyle photos. The hat and hairstyle photos are absolutely hilarious and since the photos are unlimited you can go in the booth again and again.

The Photo Strips Make Great Mementos!

Not only is the photo booth fun while you’re taking pictures, but one of the best parts is getting to look back at the photo strips afterwards. The photo strips make wonderful keep sakes for your guests and they will bring back wonderful memories of being at your wedding. To add a personalized touch, we can also help create a wedding logo and place it on the fourth photo of each photo strip.

It’s Easy!

A photo booth is so easy to book, use, and enjoy! We simply wheel it into place, plug it in, and it is ready to be used. Since our booth is fully-automated, just like the ones in shopping malls, it doesn’t require an attendant and is extremely user friendly. Our booth is the perfect size so you don’t need much space at all to set it up. Our booth also includes a timer so that we are able to deliver the booth beforehand and then we can pre-set it to turn on and off at any specific time.

Great Ice Breaker!

Sometimes it can be a little awkward if you’re at a wedding where you don’t know or haven’t met many of the other guests. Once you’re seated at your table, make the best of being sat next to chatty Uncle Bob and crazy cousin Pam! Suggest hopping in the photo booth together and taking some silly pics. You will be laughing and having a blast in no time and once the other guests see your funny photo strips, they will want to get in on the action as well.

You get multiple copies of the Photos!

Since our booth instantly prints two duplicate photo strips each time, your guests will get to keep one copy and then could place the other into a wedding guest book. We also include a free photo CD so that you have digital copies and can email or share them online with your friends and family.